Global Service Jam 2013


In march of 2013 I participated in the Global Service Jam in Milan. There we managed to built quite an interdisciplinary team (we had even a Cognitive Scientist) and as soon as the “secrete theme” (which was: grow, grow up or something like that) had been revealed we started to work. So for one entire day we went on developing our idea of a what we called ActTag© into a plausible service.
Basically it was all about an application that was able to calculate the environmental impact of various daily activities such as taking the shower, or preparing the breakfast. It would allow than, based on the average data, to generate a sticker or more precisely an ActTag© which would translate all the rough statistics into a comprehensible image of your action has affected the environment. See the example of an ActTag below:

Senza nome-1
Furthermore we did a video about why and how it will work as well as a working mock-up of the application able to generate an example of an ActTag©.

Try the demo

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