Smart Campus – Interaction

type: UX & Interaction design
tools: Fireworks, Axure, Focus Group, Heuristic Evaluation
year: 2012

Smart Campus is a project promoted and realized by the research institute Trento Rise at the campus of University of Trento. Its goal was the establishment of a platform and of a community in order to enable the creation of innovative services which would support the everyday life of all the people involved in the campus.

In 2012 as a member of the Interaction Design team I participated in the development of the first set of services. These have formed a preparatory stage for a broad longitudinal user study and the future developments of the project. The amount of my commitment in the overall design process varied from service to service: in most cases I’ve been responsible for the content organization and functionality definition in others my duties comprised just the final refinements of the interface. In general the work I did mainly focused on the GUI design for six different web & mobile applications.


Smart Campus project followed a Participatory Design methodology. Particularly the first stages of the project were articulated by co-creation sessions where users (studets & other stakeholders of the campus) actively participated in the requirements definition for what could be the services of a smart campus.
There were done qualitative and quantitative studies as well as scenarios, personas etc.
This stage produced quite articulated requirements which later alimented an iterative cycle of prototyping and testing aimed at the definition of the working and usable applications.

Photo by Cristina Core

I spend a great time and effort in realizing several mock-ups with different level of fidelity and interactivity In order to be presented in appositely organized focus groups, task analysis sessions and other heuristic evaluation occasions. After each iteration the applications were gradually transformed into more accurate and robust versions.



Is an application with web and mobile client imagined in between the user’s mail box and the broad variety of senders and information sources that are related to every person on campus. Comunicator gives the possibility to manage, sort and redirect messages into different channels (like sms, mails, sn feeds) according to their origin.


Journey Planner

The application allows to plan the journey in Trentino by integrating with the local transportation system. It also has the functionality of crowd reporting and some gamification features.


Discover Trento

Intended as guide to Trento which takes into account the specific needs of students. Furthermore it enhance the experience with advanced social functionalities.


Experience Buster

A personal logging application that allows to record and share every experience in a sort of a diary way with proactive context and position enabled functionalities.


Community manager

It is intended to be a binding agent of all the smart campus applications. It has several functionalities characteristic of social network that allow to manage the contacts inside the campus and to navigate different type of content with the support of some semantic functionalities.



Imagined as a tool for the creation of personal portfolio certified by the university. It allows to track and manage all the didactic and professional experiences of student. It than gives the possibility to compose by choosing relevant experiences different instances of a portfolio according to its destination.
It creates also advantages for to the professors and teachers in managing references and giving feedback to students. It is also intended to simplify the work of career office and staff recruiters.

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