V 2.0

type: Personal web-site
tools: Flash
date: 2010

I like to think about personal web-site as a kind of self-portrait. In the history of art a self-portrait has a dual nature: on one hand it can be a medium for social presentation and on the other the self-portrait may be an occasion for self-reflection of an artist. In the first case it would be a mere demonstration of professional skills and in the second the portrait would assume a more psychological character with formal and symbolic implications.

The site presented below looks like a Curriculum Vitae with the list of dates, events and achievements typical to this sort of document. When a visitor hovers one of the items in the list, appears a comment that gives extra information about the selected Item. This way the site is transformed from an apparent list of personal data to a narration of my personal and professional live.

Click to visit semionlapin V 2.0

It is the second V 2.0 version of my personal web site for the first V1.0 click here.

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