type: Web-application, illustrations, graphics
tools: Flash, Illustrator, AS3
year: 2010

The work hereby proposed is the development of the graphical interface for an educational application on the Web, that is addressed to deaf children aged 6-10 and 11-13.
Conceived as a resource accessible to those who operate in education of deaf children, it aims at stimulating in this user group the ability to make global inferences from textual stories. As this ability is tightly connected to the development of linguistic faculties, it requires an explicit educational support in the case of deaf children. Designing the e-learning environment and its textual and graphical information plays an extremely important role; in particular, the illustration of the stories becomes not only an element that communicates emotions but it also visually organizes causal and time-space relationships contained in textual information. In this respect illustrations become the fundamental key that allows the child to access the abstract space of a written text.





a detail of the cutaway model

Click to view the application

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